feel more energized

experience happiness

find balance

feel rested & rejuvenated

release overwhelm + stress


feel more productive

experience success


feel confident in yourself

lose weight + build muscle


TWO makeover options

step into a better version of yourself

in order to change your life your mind must trust your behavior

Some of us are exhausted and overwhelmed, and others of us are ready to make changes in our body. We have two different focus options for your 90 Day Makeover. You will still get all of the same information and group coaching calls - but this will help guide your personal health goals and lifestyle habits to track during the twelve weeks we are together. 


Life has been hard. You have survived many things. And today is no different. The overwhelm and fatigue are a daily experience. Even if you were to have some time to yourself, it feels like it would be too little too late. Nothing seems to help. Even if things are going well, you know it is only a matter of time before it leaves. You do everything for everyone else with not much left over for yourself. It has been a long time since you have felt good physically or emotionally. You can’t see your way out. You want help but aren’t sure how. 


You recognize that you have done well considering the chronic stress of the past. You have taken back control of your life and are the priority. You feel hopeful that you can dust off some of those other dreams now that you have more energy. You are getting rest, smiling again and the fog has lifted making it easier to think and pay attention. You feel confident asking for help. You believe in you again. 


You have tried to change your body. Many times in many different ways. The “failures” are stacking and you have lost faith in yourself. You are convinced that YOUR body is broken. There are times when you did really well and then you had setbacks that created more doubt, the hope died and you return to your old habits, erasing the results. You feel like your body holds you back in every area of your life, so you hide. And you wait for this moment way in the future that you will finally be happy. 


Imagine waking up everyday knowing that you have a plan and proven track record that not only is change possible, but you are transforming before your eyes. You see evidence that the effort and consistency are ACTUALLY working. You are confident in your choices because you understand the setbacks, have strategies, and the belief in your ability to stay consistent, accepting yourself in totality. Today. 

No matter where you are at we can tailor this experience to your needs. If you happen to be overwhelmed and exhausted, you will need more emphasis on rest and healing. Once you feel more like yourself you will be ready to take on additional goals if you choose. This program is about gaining confidence in your mind, body and soul no matter where you are starting from.

physical makeover

emotional makeover

Are you tired of getting your hopes up about the changes in your body without ever seeing results happen? I will show you how to create habits and lasting lifestyle changes so that you can stay motivated in your daily accountability in yourself.

I show you what needs to be changed or removed in your lifestyle choices that block you from reaching results in your body. You will understand the patterns within yourself that sabotage your success.

If you are experiencing burnout your approach will be to find balance in your lifestyle and place rest as the priority. I will show you how to rest while still achieving high success in your life.


This program is not about your size, how much you weigh, good foods or bad foods.

This program is all about creating consistency so that you can change your body if you desire, to see that you can change your body and you can have good things no matter what size you are.

Typically for those of us that struggle with body image issues, our bodies stop us from living life the way we want. 

My hope is that we will learn so much about our body styles as well as how the mind is wired so that we can make peace with the fact that we are not broken and we deserve good things.

It is amazing how much our confidence increases when we see results. I remember thinking that I was a weak person. I didn't think I could ever run a 5k let alone a marathon. To run that race was the most healing thing I had ever done. I did that! And you can too! Whether it is running a race, believing in romantic love, getting that new job, etc... we have to see results to start believing in ourselves. 

When I lose ten pounds, I feel a hundred pounds lighter.

It isn't about the weight, it is about the confidence I feel in taking on a goal and seeing the result.

Body positivity isn't trying to love a body you hate. It isn't trying to loving the size or the weight, if you don't.

It is seeing that your body can change if you do the work. It is also realizing that it isn't your body holding you back it is your confidence in yourself.

Compassion, grace, hard work and consistency... these are the things that we need to help ourselves in every area of your life.

Our bodies are capable of tremendous healing and change, if we want.

Our minds are capable of being rewired to accept new beliefs and ideas, if we want. 

This kind of change and transformation will most definitely kick up some stuff.

You will feel feelings you have avoided. You will have to put down old tired beliefs that no longer serve you. That is why I am here. I know how hard changing your body can be. Even learning how to trust your body again if you have experienced difficult or painful illnesses, can be tricky. And yet, it can happen. Making peace with yourself and your body will free you to have the time, energy, and desire to take on your real dreams. Those ones that scare you! 






In 2006, I was a single mom of four daughters while working a full time job and going to graduate school. I still wanted to lose weight and decided to make my health the priority.

I had to juggle homework needs, work needs, children needs, home needs, and now health needs. I didn’t want to wait any longer to feel good in my body. I honestly had no idea how I was going to make this happen. I just knew that if I waited until all of these needs were met I would be waiting forever, as I would always be working and always be a mother. I didn’t know how I was going to make it all work but I did.

I managed to lose 125 pounds in nine months, get a 4.0, remain employed and all my girls were taken care of. 
Did I mention that I was on TV?? That was fun ;) 

It was very overwhelming to think about the big picture and yet I was able to do it. Why? I had two things that helped me get out of overwhelm:

I had the plan and the support that I needed to be successful.

That is what I provide in this program.
You too, can overcome what you don't think is possible. I promise you. You can put your trust in me, and I will help you get there.

my personal health story


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Cross-Cultural Psychology
Psychological Testing
Cognitive Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology
Personality Theories
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Psychological Aspects of Health, Wellness, and Illness
Biological Psychology
Advanced Statistics

Masters of Science- MSW

Multicultural Communications
Diverse Populations
Grant Writing and Resource Development
Theoretical Basis for Behavioral Health
Advanced Mental Health Practice

Social Worker Practitioner for Child Welfare Services as an Emergency Response Investigator (March 2003- March 2013)

Worked with over 3,000 families, 10,000 individuals
Trainer: Court and Investigations
FIMR: panel investigator

Coaching (2013- current)

Worked with 300+ private clients most over three years
Worked with 3,000+ group coaching clients and students in courses.

Advanced Education:

Practical Skills to Break the Panic-Anxiety Loop
Four Core Strategies to Neutralize Stress and Anxiety
How to Transform a Client's Anxiety from Fear to Confidence
How to Expand a Client's Tolerance for Anxiety
How to Maximize the Power of a Client's Coping Strategies
How to Work with the Root Pain of Highly-Anxious Clients
How to Work with Conflicting Sources of Anxiety
How to Help Clients See the Possibilities Beyond Anxiety
Treating the Anxious Brain
Practical Ways to Diminish the Inner Experience of Anxiety
An EMDR Approach for Healing General Anxiety Disorder
How to Repair Anxiety Inside Relationships
Core Program: Legal Mandates, Case Planning, Service Coordination, Parenting, Human Development, Assessment, Intervention, Interviewing Skills, Self-Care, Safety
American Society for Training and Development for Professional Trainers
R.A.D. Self Defense for Women
California Risk Assessment
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Substance Abusing Families.
Working with Drug Abusing Families,
Treatment for Stimulant Use Disorders
Legal Updates for CWS
Drug Exposed Infants: Issues and Strategies
Hard Conversations from a Strength Based Approach
Understanding the Child Welfare System Services
Children with Developmental Disabilities
Court: Juvenile Process: Processes and Procedures
Court: Foundations of Juvenile Court
Court: Court Report Writing
Court: Custody Disputes Between Children and Parents
Court: Court Petition Writing
DSM-IV and Medications
Child Sexual Abuse
Cal-Win Web Application
CWA/CMS Web Application and Database
ILP: Independent Living Program and Services
Pharmacology: The Effects of Medications on Children
Maintaining Moral in Stressful Jobs
Drug Exposed Infants: Issues and Strategies
Mandated Reporters
Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Child Abuse and Neglect Issues
Nature vs. Nurture: Biology, Environment, and the Drug Exposed Child
Motivational Interviewing
First Responders, Child Abuse Investigations
Adolescent Health and Development
Identifying and Responding to Substance Abuse, Mental Health and Family Violence
Treatment for Stimulated Disorders
The Link Between Motivation and Personality
Strength Based Strategies
Strategies to Raise Motivation and Cooperation
Developmental Issues of Cognition, Reasoning and Risk Taking
Increasing Resources for Solution-Building
Writing Skills for Child Welfare Services
Creating Extensive Case Plans
How to Transform the Behavioral Patterns that are Holding your Clients Back
How to Engage the Parts of the Brain that Get Stuck After Trauma
Why Implicit Memories May be Keeping your Client Stuck
How to Help Clients Overcome their Most Limiting Fears
How to Rewire the Rigid Mind
How to Help Clients Rewire Their Stuck Story
How to Work with Stuck Relationships
How to Help Clients Move from a Fixed Mindset Toward Greater Flexibility
How to Work With Avoidance Strategies



Why I am passionate about helping you.

I feel that the body is the place we hold the most judgement, confusion and self hate. It is the thing we compare the most and our bodies are always changing along with life phases so it feels overwhelming. Changing the body helps us find confidence because the results are tangible. These tangible results reassure us that we are not broken and that we CAN actually succeed in our goals. Knowing what to do is about 30% of the equation. The remaining 70% is understanding why and overcoming the obstacles in the mind. This is where the psychology side becomes your best friend.

Your body WILL change with consistency, no matter what body type you have.
Your mind WILL fight you, no matter what body type you have HA!!
My daily accountability will help you find your faith in yourself, keep consistent in your commitments, and feel motivated in your progress.

I love helping people understand more about themselves. Not only will I show you “why” it is hard to get results, but I will show you “how” to overcome the obstacle to see the results come forward. When you understand “why” and have a clear plan, you are unstoppable.

Rarely is your health journey really about your body. It is the excuse we use as to why we are waiting to find love, find a new job or change something in our lives. How often do you say, “once I lose this weight… then I will_______?”  

This is the one of the patterns I will show you how to break within yourself.

The anticipation of change is exciting because that is where we feel inspired and hopeful in what possibly could be. The problem here, is that you will never actually experience the satisfaction of change.

When you put in the work, you are proud of yourself. Putting in the work does not give you the same feeling that the anticipation of the beginning does, that is why it is so easy to give up. I will show you how to keep true hope and inspiration alive every day without the anticipation or desperate hope you have led with in the past. You will overcome what you didn’t think you could and that is the sweetest form of satisfaction alongside confidence in yourself again.

I have experienced this feeling in my own journey and my greatest moments as a teacher and coach is seeing the same emotion on my client’s face. THIS IS MY ULTIMATE DESIRE FOR YOU: To be in awe of yourself.

xo Traci

Your Teacher & Coach

"The results you are looking for are found in YOUR CHOICE to change, not your desire to change."

CLOSE love note


In this program we will be working on acceptance and letting go as we make choices in the change we want to see. We create new beliefs and mindsets, learn how to change and how to manage setbacks. We have structured this course to include daily inspiration and hope to keep you motivated. We have included a daily email that will be sent every morning to help inspire you. That’s 90 emails!

In order to be successful in any change, you need structure and accountability. You will have a daily check in to keep you on track and help with some of the setbacks. You are not alone. You will have access to a live weekly accountability and group coaching call to keep consistent but also connected with others to have additional support. 

Kayla has created a special edition of her Lifestyle Design Strategy just for this group focused on health. We have a private facebook group that we have created to help with additional support. We have a beautiful and seamless course and separate login that keeps all of the replays and downloads. You will have access to the materials during the 90 day experience. 

These calls are to help prepare you for your week ahead, keep you accountable in your goals, and step into action. Making yourself a priority starts with our calls. The first half of the call is our group coaching experience, the second half we focus on a topic while you clean, food prep, or any other activity that gets pushed aside when setting up your next week. 

These emails are brief with words of inspiration and hope to start your day off on the right foot and keep you focused and motivated in your why.

You will also be emailing me everyday with your action steps to keep you accountable and on track.




 This signature plan is a goal setting, routine planning, and habit tracking strategy designed to help you feel confident in the pursuit of changing your life one goal at a time.

• 58 PAGES

Why I am passionate about helping you.
The Lifestyle Design Strategy was designed to help you feel confident in the pursuit of changing your life. Most people have the desire for a specific outcome, but almost always get lost in the process because they don’t know HOW to actually get there.

I want you to think about something in your life that you are wanting to change. Imagine it with me for a second.

ASK YOURSELF: Do I know HOW to make my results happen? 

Sure, you may have ideas, but are you able to answer the details and understand where you are at in the process every single moment? Probably not.

When you are looking to change your life, every pattern, doubt, and fear will rise to the surface.

If you are sitting in fear and stepping into a plan that isn’t even clear, how can you possibly expect to be confident in the process, let alone have enough motivation to push through to see your end result actually happen?
Usually when we are setting out for big changes, we feel overwhelmed by how far away our results appear.

Without a proper plan, giving up is too easy.

Think about a time when you gave up on yourself.

If I had approached you in those fearful moments and offered you a clear plan of how to reach your success, would you have still given up?
Even if your goals take longer than anticipated, when you have a clear strategy... you will feel confident.

This strategy will help you create realistic goals for yourself while creating a plan for how you will spend your time each day to ensure the success of your desired outcome.

I will explain the relationship between goals, routines, habits, etc.. to ensure YOUR success.

I have teamed up with Traci Hines to bring you my exclusive Lifestyle Design Strategy tailored to your experience in her 90 Day Makeover: Body Edition course. I will give you the roadmap to see transformations happen in your body, while Traci will teach you her accountability practices to keep you consistent in achieving your goals.

I can take a guess that you have probably tried to change your body before.

So what will make THIS TIME different?
THIS TIME, you will have a strategy that meets you where you are at today with a timeline of ninety days for your body makeover to happen.

When you use this strategy, and you apply the plan daily... you WILL see results. 

xo Kayla

Your Lifestyle Designer

"The distance between who am I am and who I want to be is only separated by what I do."



This is our version 2.0 of this experience and we not only had a wait list, but we receive emails EVERY DAY asking us when this was launching again.

Our method has already helped many other women just like you see results and overcome patterns in the mind, body, and soul. 


If you step in with an open heart, a mind willing to change, and make the choice to act daily on the strategy we create for you....change is inevitable. 

Our method has already proven itself, the risk has already been removed, it is simply up to your choice now.

When people buy a health program, it isn't always because it works.

When people buy a health program a second time, IT IS BECAUSE IT WORKS.

I have always been known for starting new things and joining every program. To be honest, that is why I probably joined this one. The thing is, this is the first time I have ACTUALLY FINISHED something!! I did everything I signed up for without quitting or falling off track. Even my friends and family have been asking me what has changed in me. That is the greatest feeling.

I’m cooking! Real food!!!!! I’m soooo excited about what the future. I feel like I’m in crazy momentum. This program was everything to me. Life changing!!!!! 

I’m not even half way over, I’ve lost 32 pounds, have had amazing movement in my career. I have so much more confidence, energy, and connection. I feel more like the real ME than I have in years.

Traci and Kayla have such an amazing way of drawing you in. I was genuinely excited for EVERY class and call with them. Not only did I finish my 90 days, but I am continuing my steps and routines. I am mapping out 1 year and 5 year goals. ME!!!!! Haha. Thank you both for everything. My life is forever changed.

I have always been known for starting new things and joining every program. To be honest, that is why I probably joined this one. The thing is, this is the first time I have ACTUALLY FINISHED something!! I did everything I signed up for without quitting or falling off track. Even my friends and family have been asking me what has changed in me. That is the greatest feeling.

I have always been known for starting new things and joining every program. To be honest, that is why I probably joined this one. The thing is, this is the first time I have ACTUALLY FINISHED something!! I did everything I signed up for without quitting or falling off track. Even my friends and family have been asking me what has changed in me. That is the greatest feeling.

Traci and Kayla have such an amazing way of drawing you in. I was genuinely excited for EVERY class and call with them. Not only did I finish my 90 days, but I am continuing my steps and routines. I am mapping out 1 year and 5 year goals. ME!!!!! Haha. Thank you both for everything. My life is forever changed

Everything used to seem so hard and felt like it would take forever. I would always be excited about the fresh start of a new program, but this time I am excited to CONTINUE IN THE SAME program because I am doing so well!!! Now I can't even imagine rushing through my day like I was before. I have MORE time to relax because now I do it guilt free. It only took me 43 years, but I finally have my s*** together!! Thank you Traci & Kayla!! You have truly stolen my heart and I will be your forever student.

I wanted to participate because I’ve been trying to lose weight and get healthy for a long time- feels like almost all of my life. When you all came with this program I knew it was time. I have had tangible success. I’ve lost weight, I can see my clavicles again lol, my skin is so much clearer and I have more energy. The biggest success though is the increased confidence I feel knowing I’m doing good things for my body. And I stopped wearing Spanx with everything.

I’ve been wanting to be organized and have structure in my life that fits my needs for a long time, this was an opportunity for me to commit to a routine. Daily accountability is a must! Especially for someone like me who needs help with routine and structure so I don’t lose myself in my day. It would not have been the same without the daily support, it’s an important part of this program success!

Today I took a selfie in public, unafraid of what others thought or if others saw.

I could not have made it to this moment without you. Thank you a thousand times over. For the first time, I am truly excited about where I’m going. And I feel like I belong. I’m no longer afraid to tell people why I’m doing what I’m doing.This program got me here. I love myself and all that I have and all that I am, or will be. I got into nursing school!!! I claimed a career and it’s actually happening. That’s my biggest take away. I feel like I have my own story and it’s all coming true. It’s not a dream anymore, it’s reality.

I ended up losing weight and my face cleared up a ton from all the water I was drinking. I also started paying more attention to my wardrobe and I started dressing for myself and not other people.I don’t think I can even count how many big decisions I made or how much clarity I got.

I will be forever grateful toTraci and Kayla for this program. I can’t put into words how much it has changed my life. I am excited and surprised and happy about my career path. To think when I started I was very behind on every one of my projects and had no idea how to prioritize my tasks and work load.

And now, week 10, I’m feeling productive during my days and am in track with 80% of my projects. I am being patient with learning time management and prioritizing. Not judging. Seeing this as a beautiful journey. And (!!!) I’m cooking! Real food!!!!!

I’m soooo excited about what the future. I feel like I’m in crazy momentum.

This program was everything to me. Life changing!!!!! Thank you doesn’t cover it you and Kayla invest soooo much into your students. Love you both soooo much!!

I’m not even half way over, I’ve lost 32 pounds, have had amazing movement in my career as an author, and have nurtured and deepened a very important relationship in my life which was feeling disconnected and causing heart sadness.

The success is more than just a quantifiable number though. I have so much more confidence, energy, and connection. I feel more like the real ME than I have in years. And I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love, support, time, energy, and inspiration you are pouring into our group. You have a beautiful way of making each of us feel important, heard, seen, and loved.


You will receive an email shortly after signing up with a username and password to your beautiful and organized course. Replay library from past calls included.

If you don't receive your login information or if you have any questions, please reach out to our team: [email protected]

You may sign up at anytime. This is an ongoing experience. 

You will join a live video call where you will get a chance to unmute your mic and video to talk live with Traci. She will guide you through whatever block is coming up. You will also learn from others sharing on the call. 

After everyone has had a chance to talk, the action part takes place. You will either cut veggies, clean, meal prep, etc.. with everyone else on the call. This is motivation. Traci will teach the weekly topic to help guide your body transformation. 

Our group coaching call is usually held on Sunday. This gives you time to prepare what you need on Saturday. Days & times may switch due to holidays etc. 

All calls have replays. 
They will be added to your login library. 
You also have access to the past calls (even ones you did not attend).

Immediately upon sign up you will be charged $333. This payment begins the monthly charge cycle and you will be automatically charged with the card you put on file for two additional months following the current one. 

You can always change your card number, just reach out to our team: [email protected] 


Your 90 days of daily emails and 12 weeks of group coaching accountability calls start once payment has been received. 

There will be an option to continue the support at a lower monthly cost for those of you who wish to continue after your 12 weeks are over.

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