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 This signature plan is a goal setting, routine planning, and habit tracking strategy designed to help you feel confident in the pursuit of changing your life one goal at a time.

This strategy helps you get detailed on smaller actions each day that build up over time to take those big dreams of yours and turn them into tangible plans.

Inside this 58 page workbook you will find the signature method of mapping out your goals and results alongside worksheets that easily help navigate you through the overwhelming process of turning your dreams into plans. 

Welcome & Introduction, My New Definitions, Before Getting Started, & The Five Phases


Strategy Overview Worksheet, Why Statement Worksheet, Commitment Letter Worksheet, Goal Tracking Worksheets, Creating Your Morning & Evening Routine Worksheets, Your Before Worksheet, Progress Check In Worksheet, and Cheat Sheet Plan Worksheet


Monthly Habit Tracker, Weekly To Do List, Weekly Log, Weekly Undated Calendar Planner Pages, Daily Undated Calendar Pages (2 options), Weekly Reflection Worksheets, & Dream Journal Pages


Monthly Review Worksheets, & Your After Worksheets

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If you have been searching for an answer, or are looking for a big change - YOU NEED THIS. 

Alongside the signature strategy method, Kayla has created and designed an Ebook / Workbook combination for you to fully understand the method and start implementing the strategy in your life today. This pdf workbook breaks down the information in a beautiful and comprehensive way to help guide you in creating your own personalized strategy. 

If you are not clear in HOW to actually get something, or take a huge confidence hit every time you attempt to make your dreams happen, THIS IS what you have ALWAYS been looking for. 

Inside this 58 page book you will not only find the method, but you will have worksheets to easily help navigate you through the overwhelming process of turning your dreams into plans. If you have ever wished for a "magic pill" to appear in your life, this has been referenced by many as the "magic paper." This workbook will not only show you HOW to get what you want, but also explain WHY you haven't been able to make it happen for yourself sooner. 



Reach your full potential and see success in your life. 

You can't truly decide if you are able to commit to something, if you don’t even know what you are signing up for.

In order to experience long lasting success and get what you really want out of life, you do need to understand HOW to get there, have a strong motivation, and the lifestyle that supports your goals and dreams. 

This strategy helps you get detailed on smaller actions each day that build up over time to take those big dreams of yours and turn them into tangible plans. 

Only 3% of people actually write their goals down. A study on goal setting found that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down. Are you one of the 3%?

The Lifestyle Design Strategy was created and designed by Kayla. This signature method helps you get clear on what YOU want and guides you through creating a strategy on HOW to actually get it.

This signature plan is a goal setting, routine planning, and habit tracking strategy designed to help you feel confident in the pursuit of changing your life one goal at a time.

There are five different phases in the Lifestyle Design Strategy. Most goal planning processes have you identify the goal and the steps AFTER you have decided and committed to the change. 

This method includes a more in depth plan so that you can understand what you are committing to BEFORE you make the decision.



Most of the “goal planning” or “manifesting” information out there teaches us that you should ask for it, believe it will happen, and receive it. If you don’t receive it, you either didn’t believe in your worth enough, or weren’t in a high enough vibration, or repelled it away by your thoughts. *insert massive face palm here*

MY signature method not only shows you HOW to reach your end result, but also how to set multiple “goals or benchmarks” to guide you along the way to build more confidence.

No more wishing, waiting, and hoping for something to happen. If you want it, you must take action towards it.

With this strategy, you will be able to understand HOW to get there.

The key to maintaining confidence during your life transformation, is being able to know exactly where you are at in your plan, and also being able to identify if you are on track to meet your deadline.

THE PLAN for HOW you will spend your time each day to ensure you are on track to reach your end result by the timeline you desire.

Private coaching & support add-on options are available.






This strategy workbook is not only beautiful, but it is so comprehensive and easy to understand. I love how Kayla has mapped everything out. Now I know why achieving my goals was so hard for me in the past. I have NEVER put this much thought and intention behind anything in my life before. It makes me feel powerful, organized, and if I am being honest - a little like Kayla, hehe. 

Holy moly this workbook is beautiful. Kayla did such an amazing job putting this together and I am so proud to own my copy. It even looks beautiful on the phone! You can tell that she put so much love into this and truly cares about your success. It is so clean and professional. I am excited to make myself the priority. 

I am obsessed with the Lifestyle Design Strategy in every possible way. Kayla put her heart and soul into this beautiful workbook, and it shows. 

I love the design of is clear, easy to understand and follow, and the design is gorgeous. 

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start because the end result seems so far away, but this takes you step by step and makes the journey seem not only possible, but exciting! You can feel the love in every page. 

She actually genuinely wants you to succeed, and will tell you how to get lasting change based on personal experience. I love her (and Traci) and will be following them for whatever magic comes next.

I printed out this strategy and organized it in a binder, I am totally in love with the design and organization. I literally take this strategy workbook with me everywhere - the gym, the pool, starbucks.. you name it! If I am leaving, it goes with me. 

Wow… I could not have filled out the strategy on my own. I am laughing at myself thinking I didn’t need any help! Kayla walked me through the process and gave me everything I need to fill out the strategy overview, goal planning, routine worksheets, and now I can get started. I am feeling scared and excited, I didn’t realize how hard it is planning out the action to take in my life. It makes sense why I get stuck though. What I am trying to change IS SCARY. Without Kayla’s help I would be stuck in avoiding and not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. She makes this look so easy. Having a plan feels good, and now I have the confidence in my next steps. I recommend purchasing her support packages if you are someone like me who struggles with the personal details of knowing what you want. LOVE HER.

While "lifestyle" can hold lots of different meanings, for the purposes here its definition is simply: how you spend your time each day - your routines, habits, and mindset.

You CAN have it all.. just not at all at once.

The truth is, there ISN'T enough time to do everything you want ALL AT ONCE. That is where prioritizing and strategizing come into play. In order to make those big dreams of yours happen, you will have to excel at prioritizing (or just hire me, haha).

This is my area of expertise. I work with clients to set realistic timelines & goals in order to make their big dreams a reality. I help design what your lifestyle needs to look like in order to support your success.

Lifestyle Designer: Kayla Hines




My success turned lots of heads and I followed the best advice I was ever given: to launch my own company. I officially Co-Founded my company "TRACI & KAYLA" in San Francisco, alongside my business partner.. my mom - Traci. Today I write, speak, and inspire anyone who is ready to reinvent themselves and transform their life.

I moved my life to New York City to pursue my highly coveted career as a fashion model. While I loved strutting the catwalks there was something in me that wanted more. My ambition took me all the way to the prestigious firms on Wall Street where my financial experience grew servicing the elite of Manhattan.

Why I am passionate about helping you.
The Lifestyle Design Strategy was designed to help you feel confident in the pursuit of changing your life. Most people have the desire for a specific outcome, but almost always get lost in the process because they don’t know HOW to actually get there.

I want you to think about something in your life that you are wanting to change. Imagine it with me for a second.

ASK YOURSELF: Do I know HOW to make my results happen? 

Sure, you may have ideas, but are you able to answer the details and understand where you are at in the process every single moment? Probably not.

When you are looking to change your life, every pattern, doubt, and fear will rise to the surface.

If you are sitting in fear and stepping into a plan that isn’t even clear, how can you possibly expect to be confident in the process, let alone have enough motivation to push through to see your end result actually happen?
Usually when we are setting out for big changes, we feel overwhelmed by how far away our results appear.

Without a proper plan, giving up is too easy.

Think about a time when you gave up on yourself.

If I had approached you in those fearful moments and offered you a clear plan of how to reach your success, would you have still given up?
Even if your goals take longer than anticipated, when you have a clear strategy... you will feel confident.

This strategy will help you create realistic goals for yourself while creating a plan for how you will spend your time each day to ensure the success of your desired outcome.

I will explain the relationship between goals, routines, habits, etc.. to ensure YOUR success.

I can take a guess that you have probably tried to change your life before.

So what will make THIS TIME different?

THIS TIME, you will have a strategy that meets you where you are at today with a timeline of ninety days for your body makeover to happen.

When you use this strategy, and you apply the plan daily... you WILL see results. 

xo Kayla

Your Lifestyle Designer

"The distance between who am I am and who I want to be is only separated by what I do."






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