How to Create Routines That Support The Success of Your Goals

Today we are going to walk you through our process for creating a routine that supports the success of your goals. We have mapped out nine steps to help you get movement towards your results. We designed a FREEBIE for you that includes 10 pages with all of the information mapped out alongside calendar timelines to guide you in designing your morning and evening routines.

We did mention that this was going to be an action based podcast *wink*.

There really is no such thing as a good routine or bad routine, it all depends on YOUR personal goal. Sure, it sounds great in theory if we all woke up at 5am and dove straight into massive productivity at work. We all google “the perfect routines” or “how to become a morning person,” but our question for you is this: Does that actually help the success of your goal OR are you trying to be perfect. Not every goal requires a routine of waking up at 5am.

Get rid of your ideas of what “good” and “bad” routines and habits are.

If you are a rockstar and you are going to bed at 8pm to wake up at 5am – you probably won’t make any sales.

For a rockstar – drinking and partying til 6am IS A “GOOD” ROUTINE.

We are stepping out of our “website mode” routine which consisted of waking up at 4am and 5am in order to create time for the work that was required. This was required for the success of our goals because we were not able to stop our full time coaching calendar. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to do it all at once, so we had to make the choices necessary to FIND AND CREATE TIME in our day. That meant waking up super early, sleeping less, and no time off.

*SIDE NOTE: We do not promote routines that lead to burnout. This was a personal choice for a short amount of time and this routine is not and should not become a lifelong lifestyle change.

The funny thing is, we are breaking “GOOD” habits that don’t support our new goal. Now we are working on breaking the habit of waking up at 5am to enter massive productivity, but now that we have achieved the success of our goal – we need to start working towards a new one.

There is no such thing as the “perfect” routine.

You will never change your life unless you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

Each time you work towards a new goal, it will require you to change your routine.

When you are changing your routines, you may find that you need to create new habits to help with consistency.

Now we are working on getting back into creativity and social media. We have been having so much fun with you guys on instagram, especially in the stories! If we were waking up at 4am to code websites, we wouldn’t be able to create the inspiring content we are now.

Kayla created a playlist with the music used in our instagram stories.

Follow along for more inspiration.

In our last episode, we gave you some homework.

We asked you to:

  1. Write down your desire if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Choose a planning system.
    • Journal
    • Strategy Workbook
    • Digital Planner / Planning Book
    • Digital Calendars or Apps, etc..
  3. Brainstorm “the HOW” to make your desire happen.
    • Actions to take
    • Research what you need
    • Changes you will need to make
    • Things you will need to buy, etc..

Now it is time to organize everything you brainstormed on to help guide you in the process of creating a routine that supports your goal. Be sure to follow along with your notes.

What is a routine?

A sequence of actions regularly followed.

Why do you need a routine?

A routine supports your intentions and goals while forming habits that create confidence in yourself, and success in your life.

You can create a routine that supports the success of your goal in 9 steps.

The 9 Step Process to Create Your Routines:

1. Get clear on your goal.

2. Take an honest look at your starting point.

3. Create new habits.

4. Map out the timeline.

5. Get clear on your priorities, and set reminders.

Here is a link to the “Done” application we mentioned to help guide you through setting reminders and digital habit tracking. This is not a sponsored post and we are not affiliated with their company.

6. Collect hope and inspiration to help motivate you.

7. Prepare yourself for success.

8. Take action, habit track, identify your “why” motivation, daily accountability. GET STARTED.

9. Final check. You want to ask yourself: Does this routine support the success of my goal?

All of the details are in your freebie downloads or strategy workbook.


Be thinking about your desire.

  1. Download your 10 page routine freebie or follow along in your strategy workbook pages 31-35.
  2. Take your goal and write it down on your routine worksheet.
  3. Create a routine that supports your goals following our steps listed above.
  4. Map out the timeline of what needs to happen each morning and evening.
  5. Ask yourself – Does this routine support the success of my goal?

Next Steps:

  • Explore The Inspired Lifestyle Shop options to help guide you in the inspiration, motivation, and support options for your goal planning.
  • If you need help with the strategy or planning process, you can find more about ways to Work With Kayla here.
  • If you need help with the structure or accountability process, you can find more about ways to Work With Traci here.
  • Be sure you are subscribed to our podcast so you don’t miss out on the next steps to start changing your life from the inside out. If you love what you hear, we would love a review! Subscribe to iTunes or Subscribe to Spotify
  • Leave a comment below or tag us on social media and let us know what your new routine is! We would love to see pictures of your personal moments of life establishing your routines.

We love you!

How to Create Routines That Support The Success of Your Goals


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