How to stop doubt

When you are changing your life, you have to follow the inspiration.

Episode four is here and we are giving you the tools on how to stop doubt. We spent the day together having fun walking by the foggy ocean, eating breakfast at our favorite spot, and preparing for some of the magic we have in store for you this fall.

We look for comfort in the wrong things, and we become fidgety in our own transformations.

The wedding is just around the corner! Kayla opened up about the process of her wedding dress and how she is navigating the steps and emotions. Her grandmother, Janene owns a bridal shop (Janene’s Bridal Boutique ) and is literally working with magic in order to make Kayla’s dream dress a reality.

(This is not the dress I picked. THE dress will be revealed on the wedding day.)

In our last episode, we gave you some homework.

We asked you to:

  1. Download your 10 page routine freebie or follow along in your strategy workbook pages 31-35.
  2. Take your goal and write it down on your routine worksheet.
  3. Create a routine that supports your goals following our steps listed in Episode 003.
  4. Map out the timeline of what needs to happen each morning and evening.
  5. Ask yourself – Does this routine support the success of my goal?

“If you want to change your life, you must change your thoughts.

The common misconception is that you will take control over your mind, but the reality is you may start to focus on the things you don’t want even more than before.

The goal shouldn’t be to never have bad thoughts, but rather to recognize where those thoughts come from and create a different mindset internally.

This isn’t about pretending to not have bad thoughts, but creating different patterns all together so that you don’t have to fight as hard.

Your mind will trust you less when you are “pretending” to think different thoughts.

When trust is not truly present, and you are trying to change your life with positive thoughts that don’t feel true to you:

Your effort in thinking positively without truth will actually cause obsession in your mind towards the wrong direction.

Even with the best of intentions, your mind will now obsess about the inaccuracy of your thoughts. It takes time to trust.

In order to create trust in yourself, you will need to take a slower approach with daily consistency.

Here is an image of what it can feel like when you are changing beliefs in your mind.

Sometimes the resistance is you.

“It’s not your life you will be fighting against in your transformation, it is your mind.


1. Have a why that motivates you.

2. Live with hope and inspiration each and every day.

If you are not living with daily hope & inspiration alongside motivation, your other only option will be to doubt your choices, routines, and actions.

The Hope & Inspiration we are talking about here is your MINDSET – not items on a Pinterest board.


A feeling of trust & desire for a certain thing to happen. (goal or intention)

When you see something that instills hope in yourself that you can overcome something, it becomes a feeling that leads you to the solution. Anyone who struggles with overwhelm, depression, etc. is living a life without hope and cannot see a way out. When you see something that can be a potential option for you, it will instill that hope.

You can feel the lowest you have ever felt, and yet when you allow yourself to feel hope – everything in your life feels better even when nothing has changed.

Hope truly is your magic – if you let it.


The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something.

When you are inspired, you either feel a different feeling than you were feeling prior OR you go into action. Inspiration presents us with a choice. Hope is what feeds inspiration. When you feel hope, the inspiration comes through.

If you are looking to find moments of happiness every day or feel fulfillment, the ONLY way to get there – is to live with hope and inspiration every day.

“You will never control your mind, but you can control your mindset.”


In order to live with hope and inspiration, you must CHOOSE to, and then stay consistent in your commitments and routines. In my 90 Day Makeover program, I can always tell when someone is living with hope or when someone is trying to skip steps because they desperately want their result to happen fast.

The difference is when someone is not living with hope and inspiration, every day they are doubting the plan and wanting to change their plan.

It honestly doesn’t matter what you pick, because when you are consistent in ANYTHING for 90 days – your life will change and you will feel confident. You need to create the habit in your life where you choose every day to keep consistent in your goals.

If you can’t do something for 30, 60, or 90 days in a row – you don’t have any trust in yourself in the area you are looking to change. You won’t believe that you will change, and this belief changes your thoughts in the wrong direction. This is why consistency builds trust, you will start to change the belief in yourself in the right direction where you true results are held.

The magic is not held in the new plan. The magic of life transformation is held in the consistency of a plan.

“Doubt is truly the only thing that can stop you.”


Doubt is truly the only thing that can stop you, which means that if you are not getting results it is your own fault. There are challenges that come up and you can overcome them, and then they are simply BS excuses. I see excuse after excuse after excuse when working with clients. You do not need a new and improved plan if you can’t even achieve the current one.

Hope in your mind is not a fluffy blanket in your schedule. Your routines of going after your dreams will never be cozy and comfortable all of the time.

Hope for me is when I see myself overcome something that I didn’t think I could.

I went to the gym and I asked Nik to help me lift some weights. You don’t always have to know HOW to get your results, but you will need to ask for help. I picked up the weights, I trained, and I could feel confidence in myself in my body strength – but also my inner strength.

You want to focus on yourself and not compare yourself to what everyone else is doing.

If you want to overcome doubt, you have to do something different.

The more you choose to go after something different, you will create confidence in yourself during the process of change – which here is your ultimate goal: TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

If you want to see success in your life, you will be uncomfortable in the process.

If you are in the habit of choosing the comfortable approach, you will have to learn the difference between feeling good, and choosing effort.

You have to find hope and inspiration that feels good, THIS you must feel every day. What you can’t feel is the choice to take action. This isn’t a feeling – it is a choice in your commitments. The inspiration can help you make the choice, but don’t look for the moment when it feels good to take effort.

The process of change never feels good.

The results of change ALWAYS feel good.

“Prove them right AND prove them wrong.”


Journal Questions

  1. What do you need in order to consistently trust your desire your goal?
  2. What process or routine do you need in order to be mentally stimulated towards your goal?
  3. Do these answers change your current routine?

Action Step

Take uncomfortable action towards something you want to give up in. Prove yourself (doubt) wrong.

Next Steps:

  • Get your planning system working.

If you don’t have one, be sure to check out The Lifestyle Design Strategy Workbook

If you struggle with the planning process, this is why Kayla created The Lifestyle Design Strategy Workbook.

Some of you have already grabbed your copy, and it has been so much fun helping you work through it.

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We love you!

How to stop doubt


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